Construction (Major & Minor Works) Sewer & Water Infrastructure

AWPM Australian Water Project Management is Sydney Water accredited to carry out the following supplier categories:-
Water Reticulation DN 100-375 Sydney Water Standard W1
Water Supply DN > 375-750 Sydney Water Standard W2
Steel Pipelines DN > 750-1200 Sydney Water Standard W3
Recycled Water DN 65-375 Sydney Water Standard RW
Sewer Reticulation DN 150-300 Sydney Sewer Standard S1
Sewer Standard DN 375-750 Sydney Sewer Standard S2
Minor Works   Sydney Sewer Standard MS
Pressure Sewer Systems   Sydney Sewer Standard LP
PE Pipe Systems   Sydney Sewer Standard PE
Water Service Connections (Driller)   Sydney Sewer Standard D1
AWPM is a Sydney Water accredited company for the Minor and Major Works Construction categories.  Listed below are some items that can be undertaken by our very experienced construction teams:-
  • Installation of Junctions
  • Concrete Encasement
  • Watermain Construction
  • Sewermain Construction
  • Access Chamber Construction
  • Stormwater Main Laying
  • Stormwater Pit Construction
  • Stormwater Box Culvert Construction
  • Water Service Connections (Main to Meter)


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