Building Plan Approval

Building Plan Approval is required by Councils and/or Sydney Water to ensure your development is not going to affect any of Sydney Water’s assets. You should get the Sydney Water – BPA Tap In done - The approved plans must be submitted to a Sydney Water Tap In to determine whether the development application will affect Sydney Water’s sewer and water mains, stormwater drains and/or easements, and if further requirements need to be met.  The approved plans will be appropriately endorsed. For details please refer to ‘Plumbing, building and developing’ section of Sydney Water’s web site or AWPM can submit this Building Plan Approval Tap In application to Sydney Water on your behalf). You will be referred to a Water Service Coordinator (WSC) if it is in ZOI or if Sydney Water’s asset(s) are not on Sydney Water’s system yet.
AWPM are accredited by Sydney Water as a Water Service Coordinator and we are accredited to carry out Building Plan Approvals and Service Protection Reports (Peg Outs).
AWPM offer the following services:
  • Assessment & Approval of Building Plan Applications including obtaining the Sydney Water – BPA Tap In document on your behalf
  • Advice & lodgement of approved plans to Sydney Water
  • Piering Inspection, Junction Inspection, &/or Concrete Encasement Supervision
  • Service Location Reports (Peg Outs)
  • Obtain Work As Constructed (WAC) Plans from Sydney Water
  • Minor and Major Works Construction


Please call our office on (02) 4648 0666 or email to obtain a building plan approval requirements quote. Alternativly you may complete the General Enquiries on our website and we will get in contact with you.



Things you should know: 

  • All work required to be carried out on Sydney Water's assets must be done by a Sydney Water listed Supplier.


  • You may incur additional costs arising from your Building Plan Approval.


  • You will need to get your site & engineering plans amended before your application can be assessed for approval.


  • You may be required to carry out construction at your cost as part of your approval requirements.



  • You will be required to pay for and book Inspections &/or Supervisions with AWPM. 48hrs notice is required for bookings to check availability of AWPM inspector.


  • Your approval may be classed as Out of Scope and may need to be lodged to Sydney Water for assessment (Sydney Water allow up to 30 days to issue their advice) 


  • Building Plan Approval Requirements must be completed and the completion certificate signed off by your Water Service Coordinator within 24 months of the approval date or you may need to re-do your Building Plan Approval and pay another application fee.
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